Christmas decorations ideas - winter inspirations from Polish interior architects to make your home look beautiful this winter

Christmas time comes with big steps. I already started to think about Christmas decorations and to make my home look beautiful this winter. I also know that finding your own and favorite Christmas style could take years. So I asked few Polish interior architects about their own favorite Christmas decorations ideas. Below you can find what they shared with From Poland With Love. Maybe some of those ideas would become your own Christmas main theme this year? Enjoy!

Christmas decorations inspirations from interior architects

Wealthy decorations for small interiors

Jarek Tomaszewski from Armada Interiors

Very often we miss some place for a Christmas tree, especially in smaller apartments. But definitively we would like to keep a Christmas mood. I like podłaźniki - they are wreaths made of spruce or fir branches which hang below a ceiling, decorated with ribbons, nuts or apples. It is an incredibly fragrant decoration.

A window is usually underrated and covered, but it can become a brilliant frame for decorations hanging from a cornice. For instance, let's take glass balls hung at different heights. Let there be a lot of them, richly and festive. If we will light up a few candles, an evening will become ceremonial. When we will wake up, a morning will greet us with flying snowy bubbles.

I like also wall compositions, made, for example, of stars of different size and color. From a whole wall, you can make a huge, romantic picture. The imagination suggests us some nonstandard materials, like shiny foils or wavy paper. We can hang then in threads, fix them with a tape or simply lean them against the wall. They will give us a uniform, but also the extraordinary background for a Christmas feast.

Winter window sketch inspiration by Armada Interiors - From Poland With Love

Sensual and elegant Christmas decorations

Kaja Juszczyńska from Buba Interior

My favorite Christmas decorations are those who affect senses. That is why I like to use fresh spruce or pine branches as a base for my decorations. Those branches have an incredible scent, which fills out the whole house and right away put me in a Christmas mood. I hang them on doors in a form of a wreath, I spread them on a table between candles and on a fireplace casing.

Christmas tree lights play the second important. I always choose those who have a white neutral or warm hue. Thanks to them, evening get really atmospheric. I hang them in windows and I compose them in vases with moss. In vases, I use the LED lights with a battery accumulator, so they do not warm up.

In the end, a coloristic accent comes to a stage, which is different each year. Sometimes it is red and gold, sometimes white and beige, and sometimes orange and gold. I try to keep the rule of three: the first color is for branches or moss. The second and the third one is the color of decorations which I arrange on branches. This method lets to keep the moderation and the elegance.

This year, I bet on white and beige.

Christmas decorations - Winter inspiration by Buba Interior - From Poland With Love

Simple, minimalistic and natural

Aleksandra Czajka from Czajka Wnętrza

Each year, two things cause a thought about Christmas holidays in my head: the scent and the taste of an orange and the scent of pine needles! In Christmas decorations, you cannot forget about living branches of spruce or pine. I mean of course a Christmas tree, but also a decoration of a table of a door.

This year, decorations in Scandinavian style took over my heart - simple, minimalistic, natural. To needle-branches, you can also add some eucalyptus leaves or even herbs leaves, for example, rosemary. A blue spruce certainly suits the Scandinavian character. With his cold green hue, it perfectly matches eucalyptus leaves. Dark cones or other elements in shades of brown, white or gold could complete a composition. Branches in a company of decorations made of natural material (wooden balls, wooden candle holders...) also will work well as Scandinavian Christmas decorations.

Handmade decorations have the most of a charm. Wreaths which can decorate the entrance door or a wall above a fireplace. Branches spread on a table covered with a white cloth. Simply things work the best. Absolutely "not" for artificial Christmas trees and patchy, plastic decorations!

Natural Christmas decorations inspiration by Czajka Wnętrza - From Poland With Love

 Photo credit goes to Wilder Publications

Natural winter table inspiration by Czajka Wnętrza - From Poland With Love

 Photo credit goes to Homes to love

Handmade, joyful and familiar Christmas

Paulina Rubinkowska from Studio Kreatura

These days, in a December time, among everyday rush, it is very easy to fall into a pre-Christmas rage. I mean cooking, cleaning, shopping and other mundane affairs that preoccupy our head. We want the interiors of our homes to look the most beautiful, which is why we search for better and better Christmas decorations that will meet our expectations.

But the question is if it is worth to waste the precious time if those Christmas decorations are not a permanent element of an interior? The Christmas holidays are a special period, which above all we should use to spend our time with our beloved.

That is why we should choose to make Christmas decorations by our own hands, which we can create in a circle of family and friends and have a great fun with it. I guarantee you, that those decorations will not disappoint your expectations and will give you the biggest joy.

Now, even if nothing creative comes to your mind, the Internet gives us a lot of interesting ideas. For example, Christmas balls and wreaths present themselves beautifully. The same as baked, shortbread cookies, which will make the guests feel the Christmas taste.

For the lovers of geometrical and complex form I recommend the paper decorations. If we want to control the color effect, it is worth to use the simplest packaging paper, available everywhere, old newspapers or technical paper with a little bit more interesting texture. A straw could be a very effective material. It was used as for Christmas decorations long before a Christmas tree.

I wish you that the moments spent in making Christmas decorations turned into a small joyful family tradition. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Handmade Christmas decorations from Studio Kreatura - From Poland With Love

 Photo credit goes to How About Orange


Experiment with color

Edyta Płaczkowska from Espacio Design Studio

In Christmas decorations, few details play the main roles: a color, a light, and a glitter. I choose decorations in a color of gold. They present themselves beautifully on a Christmas tree, but they also add some nobility to a decoration of a Christmas table. I like golden feathers and pendants - angels, harlequins, fairies, tinsels. Decorations imitating old toys are charming. We can hang wooden reindeer, horses or soldiers on a tree or place them near the fireplace. Their main theme color is red. "Cookie" decorations are fantastic as well. They remind me of a childhood and a warmth of Christmas holidays.

We should not forget that a gift packaging is also a decoration element. Here we can use different colors. Practically all of them decoratively suit to Christmas tree and a fireplace. I try to fit the details to the decor of an interior, where this special evening will have a place. But also to a person which will be gifted with a present. We should not be afraid of an elegant black. For instance, a box wrapped in a black paper, tied with a golden ribbon will give a gift a bit of elegance. I adore adding some mistletoe to the gifts. Indeed, presents should bring some love too. Let everyone who gets them have all the best!

Colorful experiment by Espacio Design Studio

Black Christmas gift packaging ideas by Espacio Design Studio - From Poland With Love

Be inspired for Christmas

As you can see, Polish interior architects prefer natural, elegant and honest decorations. Live branches, wood, handmade decorations - all of these are the choices of designers. Let those ideas inspire you! Fill up your home with natural Christmas decorations.

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Christmas decorations ideas - From Poland With LoveChristmas decoration inspirations - From Poland With Love